From the Largest to the Smallest Locations, Deploy One Micro-Market System.

No Upfront Cost. No Long Term Commitment.

AveriGo Markets

Great for Large & Small Locations

Our micro-market system works great for both large & small locations. A large location with a kiosk inevitably has checkout lines at peak times – our app-based system allows multiple shoppers to check out on their phones simultaneously. A small location cannot bear the costs of a kiosk – our app-based system allows you to run even your smallest location profitably.

Perfect for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Our “no contact” micro-market system is perfect for the post-COVID-19 era. NO standing in a checkout line in close proximity to others. And NO germ-laden kiosk to touch for checkout. Shoppers can quickly grab their food or drink, check out on their phones, and promptly leave the market area.

“AveriGo Markets” is now “GrabScanGo” – View new site HERE


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