With the spread of COVID-19, the smart people have retreated into their homes to keep themselves from either getting the virus, spreading it, or both. Despite the actions of a few hardheaded egoists going out and doing all the things they’re not supposed to do, including going to restaurants to sit down for a meal instead of getting takeout, social distancing seems to be working to control the spread of the virus. As far as how this phenomenon affects the dining industry, everything has shifted to takeout, delivery, or drive-through takeout.

What About Those That Can’t Work From Home?

For people who work in essential industries, who should be the only ones at work right now, one option to avoid even the takeout rush at any local restaurant is a micro-market. Micro-markets are a terrific way to bring fresh, healthy and convenient food and drink to office employees. They are also socially responsible because they help people do the social distancing thing during this crisis and beyond.

The CDC recently said it will be likely eight weeks of social distancing, at a minimum, before there might be any change. And, early indications are that a vaccine won’t be forthcoming for at least the next year and more likely 18 months. So, even as other people gradually go back to work, these micro-markets will continue to help curtail the spread of the virus because people will deal only with themselves. Unlike a restaurant, there is no cashier or other staff to interact with.

AveriGo Markets - Office Market

Protect Your Employees Today and in the Future

AveriGo Markets is the perfect no-contact self-checkout solution for the post-COVID-19 era. There is no standing in a checkout line in close proximity to others during peak hours. And more importantly, there is no germ-laden kiosk to touch for checkout. Micro-market kiosks are touched hundreds of times a day, and may not undergo the recommended cleaning for days.

The AveriGo Markets app turns every phone into a “personal kiosk”. So employees can quickly grab their food, safely check out on their own phones, and promptly leave the market area.

Even after this virus runs its course, having the AveriGo Markets solution in place will prepare you for the inevitable “next time”.


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