Promote Healthy Eating & Employee Wellbeing

Get a Fresh & Healthy GrabScanGo™ Micro-Market for your Office

A Fresh & Healthy Food Store conveniently located in your Office

◊ Small to large setups, based on office size
◊ Variety of fresh & healthy meals & snacks
◊ Choices for vegan, gluten-free & other diets
◊ Popular snack & drink brands also available
◊ $10 signup credit for each employee
◊ No long-term commitment

Prepared by Local Food Vendors in Commercial Kitchens

The meals & snacks are prepared by local food vendors operating out of commercial kitchens. From freshly-prepared soups, salads, sandwiches & meals, to popular ethnic foods, your employees get a wide variety of tasty & healthy choices without having to leave the office.

“No Contact” Self-Checkout App for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Our self-checkout app is right for the post-COVID-19 era. NO standing in a checkout line in close proximity to others. And NO germ-laden kiosk to touch for checkout. Employees quickly grab their food, check out on their phones, and promptly leave the market area.

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Read why Office Micro-Markets are the Answer to Workday Lunches in the Age of Social Distancing