OCS (office coffee service) operators can multiply revenue at many of their locations by using a kiosk-free micro-market system like AveriGo Markets. With no kiosk to purchase & maintain, and a low monthly fee, OCS operators can grow revenue & profits quickly, with no upfront investment. Shoppers scan UPCs, browse or search for products, and pay for their purchases, all on the AveriGo Markets app.

Office customers today are looking for premium food & beverage options, because it helps employee morale & retention. Here are 5 ways OCS operators can provide these customers with what they want, while easily multiplying their own revenue.

1. Install a Single-Serve Brewer

Installing a single-serve brewer at a location allows the OCS operator to sell both regular & premium drinks using the same machine. Single-serve brewers like the Flavia brewers from LavAzza Professional are very popular in the workplace, due to their convenience, durability & choice of available drinks.

2. Sell Premium Drinks

In addition to regular coffee & tea, the OCS operator can stock premium drinks like branded coffee, health & wellness drinks, etc. in a “Premium Merchandiser”. Employees then purchase these premium drinks on the AveriGo Markets app before brewing them in the brewer.

3. Sell Premium Creamers, Flavors & Sweeteners

Many consumers today want a greater choice in creamers, flavorings and sweeteners with their coffee. Stocking them in the “Premium Merchandiser” allows the OCS operator to generate additional revenue from employees who desire special additions to their coffee.

4. Sell Healthy Shelf-Stable Snacks

Studies show that 32% of Americans today skip or replace at least one meal with snacks. Offering a curated selection of healthy shelf-stable snacks in the “Premium Merchandiser” helps the OCS operator generate incremental revenue from this consumer trend.

5. Introduce New Food & Beverage Products

There are over 10,000 new food & beverage products introduced in the U.S. every year. Many manufacturers of these products target micro-markets to introduce them to consumers. By featuring these products in “Virtual End Caps” on the AveriGo Markets app, the OCS operator can collect a marketing fee, or get a discounted price, from the manufacturer.

If you are an OCS operator, contact us for our special low monthly fee on our micro-market system, and start multiplying revenue at your locations.

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